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Message from the Chairman

Message from the Chairman

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   Jiangxi Gaoxin Frontier Technology Co., Ltd. has successfully independently developed trimethylolpropane production technology with the help of more than ten years of chemical production practice and management platform of the holding company, and will continue to devote itself to the research and development of polyol series products and technical reserves . The company will recruit talents, establish a capable and efficient management team, and strive to build Gaoxin Frontier Technology Co., Ltd. into one of the well-known domestic polyol manufacturers.

  The company will uphold the tradition of “people-oriented, honest management”, and strive to pay attention to the work and life of each employee, create a homely warm atmosphere within the company, and allow employees to grow together with the company; the company is willing to make friends Friends all over the world, treat customers with sincerity, and seek development with customers; the company is based on the society, and it is our unremitting pursuit and responsibility to strive to create value for the society.

   Jiangxi Gaoxin Frontier Technology Co., Ltd. has set sail. It is our dream to achieve a century-old industry. We are willing to weave a blueprint with friends from all walks of life to create brilliance together. We sincerely thank friends from all walks of life for their support to Jiangxi Gaoxin Frontier Technology Company!

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Jiangxi Kosin Frontier Technology Co. , Ltd.specially in researching, developing and producing series of polyols chemical products and other organic chemical products.

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