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Pentaerythritol Triallyl Ether (APE)
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Pentaerythritol Triallyl Ether (APE for short), the appearance is a colorless transparent liquid, mainly used as a crosslinking agent, such as acrylic polymer thickener and super absorbent resin, etc.; APE is a kind of four The functional group molecule contains three allyl groups and one hydroxyl group.
Polyester polyol
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Polyester polyols are usually made by condensation (or transesterification) of organic dicarboxylic acids (anhydrides or esters) and polyols (including diols) or Lactone and polyol are polymerized. Dibasic acids include phthalic acid or phthalic anhydride or its esters, adipic acid, halogenated phthalic acid and the like. Polyols include ethylene glycol, propylene glycol, diethylene glycol, trimethylolpropane, and pentaerythritol. Different types of polyester polyols have different properties due to different types or preparation processes. The more important indicators for polyester polyols are hydroxyl value, acid value, moisture, viscosity, molecular weight, density and chroma, etc. .
Trimethylolpropane Diallyl Ether(TMPDE)
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Trimethylolpropane diallyl ether(TMPDE)is a kind of excellent resin air-drying agent,it is widely used in the unsaturated polyester resin to improve the resin surface drying speed and hardness so as to make the film to be burnished easily.It contains a hydroxyl and two allyl groups,it can react with the carboxyl group in the esterification process.
Ethyl 3-Ethoxypropionate(EEP)
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EEP(Ethyl 3-Ethoxypropionate)is a kind of low volatile ether ester,it has good solubility for a wide range of coating polymer.Its ether ester,linear structure and molecular center of propionyl makes it has some of the properties the other solventdo not have,such as slow evaporation rate,it is less prone to bursting of solvent in the baking applications,it has high solubility for many kinds of coatings.It makes the coatings solution to be of low viscosity(relative to the evaporation rate),solvent release from the film easily and good leveling of the film.EEP has moderate smell,low surface tension and high resistivity;It prevents the reflux and becoming black of the aluminum in the coatings.It also hasanti-settling effect for the aluminum paste.
CALCIUM FORMATE (Technical Grade)
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CaFo is mainly used in the building industry act as an industrial chemical compound and faster setting,early strength gain accelerating admixture for concrete or mortars and for flue gas desulfurization in the boiler system.
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Important applications areas:Alkyd resins,Polyurethanes,Radiation curing monomers,Synthesize lubricant,Plasticizer,Printing ink,Pigment treatment,Textile auxiliary,PVC stabilizers etc.
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This product is non-dangerous and should keep cool and dry,prevent breakage.
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Di-TMP mainly used in the production of acrylic monomers,oligomer,synthetic lubricant,special resins and chemical intermediate,coating resins,stabilizing agent of PVC etc.
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