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Company profile

  Jiangxi Kosin Frontier Technology Co.,Ltd.is a large-scale enterprise.Specially in researching,developing and producing series of polyols chemical products and other organic chemical products.

  Located in Yuanshan’gang Industrial Park,Dongxiang,Jiangxi Kosin Frontier Technology Co.,Ltd lies in the heartland of Jiangxi province which has convenient traffic,rich human resources and abundant natural resources.As one of the five provinces in the middle part of China and semi-circular surrounded by some developed coastal cities and provinces just like Jiangsu,Shanghai,Zhejiang,Fujian,Guangdong,and so on,Jiangxi is an ideal place for Chinese industrial transfer and a new round development of industry.

  Jiangxi Kosin Frontier Technology Co.,Ltd takes a land area of 180,000m2 and invests about 300 million RMB in the first phase of project to build an equipment with the capacity of 25,000 t/a TMP((Trimethylolpropane).Due to the application of whole new technology,we can also produce 1,200 t/a of Di-TMP(Di-trimethylolpropane)and 15,000 t/a CaFo(calcium formate).

  The whole new technology has some outstanding features as follows:

  ·Maximum Capacity.We have the largest production capacity of TMP in China.

  ·Latest Technology.Besides of adopting the brand new technology of calcium method which is independently researched and developed by ourselves,at the same time,we have creatively devised and improved some key processes like condensation,rectification and extraction.The stability of process is largely improved and products quality,purity be more stable and products structure be more reasonable,thus the yeild of product is further improved.

  ·Intelligent Control.We adopt the advanced intelligent distributed control system(DCS).

  ·Garden Type and Environment Friendly Factory.Kosin Chemical has invested 16 million RMB in building environmental protection facilities.In the boiler system,we adopt advanced bag dust removal and flue gas desulfurization process.Sewage disposal follows the principle that"Combine Comprehensive Utilization with Sewage Treatment",through a series of complex technology processings,such as recycling,iron oxide,micro-electrolysis,Fenton reaction method,desalination,UASB(Upflow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket),biological oxidation,activated carbon filter to ensure"zero emissions"of sewage,and recycle the organic compounds with high added value.We have hired a professional design company to do the factory outside and green design for us,we are proud of our clean and beautiful factory.

  ·Innovative Factory.Kosin Chemical has invested 6 million RMB to establish an advanced and standard laboratory.We plan to spend 20%of annual profit every year on the experiment of new technology and the development of new products.At present,we are striving to build Kosin Chemical into an outstanding organic company with core competitiveness and sustainable innovation ability.

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Jiangxi Kosin Frontier Technology Co. , Ltd.specially in researching, developing and producing series of polyols chemical products and other organic chemical products.

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Yuanshenggang Industrial Park, Economic Development Zone, Dongxiang District, Fuzhou City, Jiangxi Province

Marketing Director: Mr Roddy Luo  

Cell Phone Number: (+86) 139 7945 0281

Overseas Sales Manager: Ms May Wong  

Cell Phone Number: (+86) 182 7944 4658

Marketing Department E-Mail:jxkosin@163.com 

Marketing Department Tel: (+86)794-7905593 


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