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Composite active substance self-destruction

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Safe and environmentally friendly, there is no need to reverse the release of the night.
Easy to operate, reducing risks and costs for safe production of oil fields.
When the composite active material is self-destructively plugged, the dissolved solution is injected into the formation and the well is swelled for 24-48 hours. The reaction is far away from the plugging, no secondary clogging caused by residual particles, no acid reflux after plugging, and the low concentration of the drug after plugging out with the production fluid, has certain certain for the collecting pipe network and the oil casing The maintenance effect, after the separation and recovery of crude oil from the joint station, the residual agent is water-soluble, the agent will enter the water injection pipe network along with the refilled water, continue to unblock the anti-corrosion effect on the pipe network and the underground, recycling, safety and environmental protection. The unfavorable factor is that excessive residual liquid affects electrical dehydration.
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