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Environmental protection concept

Environmental protection concept



  1. The material layer is the external manifestation and carrier of corporate culture, and the material basis of the institutional and spiritual layers;
  2. The system level restricts and regulates the construction of the material level and the spiritual level. There is no way to talk about a green corporate culture without strict rules and regulations;
  3. The spiritual layer is the ideological foundation that forms the material layer and the system layer, and is the core and foundation of the green corporate culture. The construction of a green corporate culture must not only expose economic benefits, but also attach importance to social and ecological benefits, so as to meet the demands of modern consumers for green products. Improve the ecological content of enterprise products and establish a good corporate image.
  The role of building a green corporate culture:
  1. Corporate culture is the value system of an enterprise, and its value appeal is an organic part of the requirements of the era of economic and social development;
  2. The green corporate culture is gradually formed in the production and operation of the company, and its core is the green value, which advocates environmental protection and resource conservation, and is reflected in the practice of the company;
  3. The cultivation of a green corporate culture has laid the foundation for the implementation of green management by enterprises. Under the guiding role of green corporate culture, companies will produce "green effects" different from traditional corporate management in strategy, organization, research and development, production, marketing, investment and other links, thereby effectively enhancing the core competitiveness of the company.

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